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Ty Isaf's Junior Road Safety Club are responsible for making sure children are safe on the way to and from school. We do surveys to look for 'Naughty Parkers', children and adults not wearing seatbelts or using booster seats. This week we are doing a whole school  assembly promoting 'Walk to School week' which starts on Monday.
Picture 1Travis, Faith, Ella-Rose, Mollie, Grace, Brady
} Picture 1
We decided to hold a 'Walk to school' week where we awarded stickers to children who walked 2 or 3 days in that week, certificates for children who walked 4 days, and the children who walked to school all 5 days would get a sticker and a certificate! Then we let everyone know in assembly.
We now have a new team member, welcome Ryan to Ty Isaf's JRSO
Picture 1Brady, Travis, Ryan, Ella Rose, Faith, Grace

Road Safety Week | JROS's at Ty Isaf Infants

This week is road safety week. We'll be looking at the work of our Road Safety Team in Schools across Caerphilly. Meet the Junior Road Safety Officers at Ty Isaf Infants School who keep an eye out for 'Naughty Parkers' Yr wythnos hon yw wythnos diogelwch ar y ffyrdd.

The JRSO work very hard to keep children safe both inside and outside of school. They raise awareness of the problems 'naughty parkers' can cause outside the school grounds by doing surveys and assemblies. In January, we learnt that Ty Isaf had been shortlisted for a 'sustainable travel' award in recognition of this. Mrs Bain, Mrs Powell, Mrs Bradford, Mrs Hannigan and myself (Mrs Coates) were invited to Caerphilly's 'Pride in our Place' awards ceremony in Blackwood Miner's Institute one evening last week. We came first! We are all so proud of our Junior Road Safety Team, past and present. We were presented with a plaque and £250!  Well done!
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    Picture 1Here we are showing the award to everyone!

One of our jobs is to make sure children are safe when travelling in the car. So we went out one lunchtime and asked the children if they wore a seat belt and used a booster seat.Add block

    Picture 1
    Picture 2
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    This week we did a whole school assembly on the importance of being safe in the car as we found out that not all children used a booster seat and some did not always wear a seatbelt!

    Picture 1Here we are doing the introduction.
    Picture 2We are now all watching 'A safe place to sit'
    Picture 3Measuring to see if anyone is taller than 135cm!
    Picture 4Belt up, Sit up, be Safe!

    Checking for early morning Naughty Parkers!

    Checking for early morning Naughty Parkers! 1Thank you so much for coming to school so early!
    Picture 1Looking for naughty parkers outside nursery!