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Cader Idris Lego and Science Club

Lego and Science club is a Monday after school until 4:15pm with Mrs Lines. We are looking forward to carrying out lots of different experiments and building fantastic creations using Lego. 



Rainbow in a glass.


We used skittles to create a rainbow in a glass. 

First, we had to dissolve some skittles in hot water; 2 red, 4 yellow, 6 orange, 8 green and 10 purple. Then, we used a syringe to layer the mixture into a glass starting with purple then, green, orange, yellow and red. 


We talked about how the amount of sugar dissolved into each colour changes the density (weight) of the liquid. This means the heavier liquid sinks to the bottom. 



We really enjoyed creating fantastic masterpieces out of Lego this week! We used our fine motor skills to build, we even had to use a screw driver to attach the wheels! We enjoyed building a theme park and construction vehicles.

Pumpkin Volcano


Wow! We really enjoyed making a volcano pumpkin. 

We used;

- A pumpkin

- Washing up liquid

- Food colouring 

- Vinegar

- Baking powder


First, we scooped out the middle of the pumpkin, it was very messy! Then, mixed the green food colouring and washing up liquid to create lots of green bubbles. Next we added some vinegar and finally, we sprinkled in the baking powder!


We stood back and watched the pumpkin fizz and froth when the baking power reacted with the vinegar!



We really enjoyed creating using Lego this week. We followed the instructions very carefully to create some models!

The Leakproof Bag


We carried out an experiement to test whether a bag could be 'leakproof', by pushing a sharp pencil through the bag. First, we made predicitons about what we thought would happen. We all thought the water would leak out of the bag!


However, we were amazed to see no water leaked out of the bag! This is because sandwich bags are made of polymer, which is made up of chains of molecules. When you poke a sharp pencil through the bag, it pushes through the chain of molecules. Then, the molecules 'hug' around the pencil to create a seal so that no water can leak out!