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Forest Schools

Machen class have been having great fun in Forest Schools. As part of Elmer appreciation day we made a big collage of Elmer. We collected natural materials and worked as a team to create Elmer.

Today Machen class went on an Autumn scavenger hunt and use their 5 senses to see what they could find. They found something red, something that smells nice, something round, something long, something we can hear and something smooth.

Cader Idris have also been enjoying forest schools. They went on a nature hunt and then made nature crowns. 

Machen had a fantastic time in our new Forest Schools area. We explored the area and then collected natural materials to build houses for the Three Little Pigs. We are very excited for our next session in Forest Schools. 

Twmbarlwm have loved the change of weather this week and have been exploring the outdoors. They've been having fun in the frost and ice. 

Twmbarlwm have also been having the best of times exploring the new Forest Schools area.

Nursery have been exploring the new Forest Schools area. They had fun exploring signs of Winter and made marks in the frost. They also enjoyed the ice they found in the pond. 

Machen have enjoyed another session of Forest Schools. This time we made clay pig faces using natural materials as we've been reading all about The Three Little Pigs. 

Machen enjoyed their Forest Schools session today. We found a letter from The Three Bears to ask if we could make a new house for Goldilocks. We worked well in our groups and made some new houses for Goldilocks.

Cader Idris had a fantastic time in Forest Schools today. They spent the morning exploring the Forest Schools area, listened to a story called The Tiger Who Came To Tea and then made their own tiger masks to celebrate Chinese New Year. 

Nursery enjoyed their Forest Schools session today. They read the story 'In My Heart' and made their own hears from natural materials as part of children's mental health week. They also enjoyed looking in the pond and swishing the water with big sticks. 

Twmbarlwm have been busy building castles in Forest Schools as part of their topic. 

Twmbarlwm have loved being outdoors this week and exploring activities they can do outside. Take a look at what they got up to. 

Rising 3 children in Nursery loved their adventure in Forest Schools. They listened to the story 'Freddie The Frog', made frogs using natural materials and put them on a log in the pond. 

Machen made bird feeders using cheerios and pipe cleaners. We saw a squirrel, pigeon and a blackbird in the forest school area and hope they enjoy our feeders.

Machen pupils saw some bird nests at playtime. They asked if we could do some bird watching to see if any birds go back to the nest. We talked about Spring and that new animals are born and start to hatch, then we drew our own bird and birds nest using chalks. As it was a bit sunny we also drew around our friends shadow.

Twmbarlwm enjoyed Forest Schools today. Their topic is Castles and Dragons this term and we enjoyed using natural materials to create our own dragons.

Nursery have been enjoying the sunshine this week. They loved creating a gigantic nest for all the birds in the environment. 

Machen loved forest schools this week. We collected lots of natural materials and then we made leaf animals. We made hedgehogs, bats, bids, butterflies, foxes and a mouse.