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Welcome to our special Gardening club page. Here, you will be able to take a look at all the exciting things our great gardeners get up to each week! Enjoy!

Gardening Club is every Monday lunchtime at 12.35 p.m.

The children were disappointed with how sad and overgrown the vegetable patches were around the side of Cader Idris Classroom. We all decided together that this would be the area we would work the hardest on this term. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us otherwise we will be very muddy gardeners!

Before pictures of the vegetable area :(

January - July 2016

Thank you and well done to all the boys and girls that have taken part in Gardening Club this year. Good luck and best wishes for your time in your new schools! 


Mrs Balmont  smiley


Today we weeded the planters around school... There were some enormous weeds!

Hard at work!
Our Christmas tree has grown well.
Some weeds were almost as tall as Nathaniel!
Darcy found a ladybird amongst the weeds.
Our great gardeners!
Happy gardeners!

We had fun creating hand flowers today, as it was much too wet to be outside!

The girls produced some imaginative and detailed works of art. We also had lots of fun coming up with creative ideas! smiley

Grace did some brain storming!
Chloe thoroughly enjoyed creating her hand flower!
Mollie proudly displaying her lovely creation.
Katie's beautiful and detailed hand flower.
Grace's work of art!
Chloe's thoughtful creation.

We put up our posters to protect our herb garden today and the herbs have grown really big now!

We finished our posters ready for our herb garden today! smiley

A beautiful day for gardening so we did some weeding and took the dead heads off the flowers!

Katie composting!
Our gardeners hard at work!

We created some posters for our herb garden today... Which kept us warm and dry inside.smiley

Our gardeners created a herb garden today and planted some lovely smelling herbs!

Today the children received certificates for being great gardeners this term! Katie presented the certificates as she's only just joined our club. Thank you to all the boys and girls who've helped make gardening so much fun.

Have a lovely Easter break! smiley

Planting our summer bulbs in the sunshine!

We found a worm in the soil!
Lucas, Chloe and Katie helped to clean up. Thanks!

We had a brainstorming session today and created a mind map to think of the types of plants we should plant in our school garden, ready for the summer time. The children had some fantastic ideas! smiley

We went on a mini beast hunt today and the sun was shining! smiley

We've been busy planting our bulbs in the beautiful winter sunshine! Photos are now below.smiley

As the weather was so bad today, we stayed in the dry and drew our perfect garden. smiley

Today we wrapped up warm and did the very important job of weeding our planters, even though the ground was frozen! 

For our new term, we talked about being safe gardeners and everyone thought of a special rule for our club. no

September 2015 - December 2015

Weeding our garden.

Looking at Autumn leaves and naming trees.

A special thank you to Darcy for bringing her home-grown pumpkins to Gardening Club!

Have a lovely half term Gardeners! See you soon! smiley

We had lots of fun, using our Autumn leaves and paint to make leaf prints!


We used our hand prints to make beautiful flower pictures.

Today we've practised words to present at our assembly on Friday smiley



We got outside in the fresh air today and did some bark rubbing!

Today we had an exciting time decorating our Christmas tree! smiley

Before and after decoration photos.

The children received certificates for being such great gardeners! Well done everyone!


Merry Christmas!