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A big welcome to this years Games Club page. There are so many children who have put their names down that I will take them in smaller groups. Letters will be sent out in the new term confirming this.  I will be posting regular updates and pictures. Enjoy!

Mrs Young smiley

Games Club takes place every Tuesday after school. Please collect your child at 4.00 from the Twmbarlwm Class exit.

A huge well done to everyone who has attended Games Club in the last year. I hope you have all enjoyed the activities.

All the best in your new schools.

Mrs Young.smiley

Our last games club!

Yaaaaay!!! We love games club!

There will not be any games club on Tuesday 17th May.

Having fun playing bench ball.

Who is going to win the throw up?
Harry wins!
Excellent catch Travis!
Go on Ruby!

Well done Year 1!

Year 1 with their games club certificates!
Please note games club will be cancelled on Tuesday 8th March due to parents consultations.

We love playing Duck, Duck, Goose!

Stretching and Cooling Down.

Stretch up tall...
touch your toes...
stretch out wide...
wiggle your feet...
and relax!

Using the parachute to play 'fruit salad'

Please note that games club will be cancelled on Tuesday 26th January due to the LNF meeting in the hall.

Christmas Corners and Can Santa Find his Reindeer?

Playing Christmas corners.
Ioan and William have chose the reindeer corner!
Can you find the reindeer Phoebe?
Keep looking Harry!
Where has your reindeer done Santa?
You've got him Ruby!
He's behind you Travis!
Cheer if you have enjoyed Games Club!!!!

Games Club will be cancelled on Tuesday 17th November as there is staff training after school.

Can you complete the obstacle course?

Steady Travis!
Sooooooo fast!!!
Can you balance the hoop Harry?
All the bean bags in the hoop...
Cooling down!

Games Club will be cancelled next Tuesday 20th October due to parents consultations.  We will see you after half term smiley

Games Club is held after school on a Tuesday until 4.00.

This club is full for the Autumn term.

If your child would like to join after Christmas in the Spring term then please see Mrs Young.

Balloon Tennis

Go Cory!
You can do it Travis!

Passing the Ball Over and Under.

Having fun Playing Games with the Parachute