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Meet our JRSOs;

Pledge of Duty


We have talked about our roles and responsibilities as Junior Road Safety Officers, and signed a pledge of duty to say we agree to our responsibilities.


We all agree that we need to;

  • Set a good example to others by always following the Green Cross Code and be a responsible road user.
  • Encourage others to take responsibility for their own safety when using the roads



October is 'Walk to School' month. The JRSOs will be super busy this month, learning the benefits of walking to school both for the environment and our health, learning the Green Cross Code and carrying out surveys in the school for our very own 'Walk to School' week, which will commence on Monday 15th October.

We have been researching the importance of wearing a seatbelt, and using either a booster seat or a car seat whilst travelling in the car.


We carried out surveys on the playground to find out how many children wear a seatbelt and use a car seat, we were very shocked to see some people said no! As a result of this, in the Spring term, we are going to carry out a whole school assembly to identify the importance of using a car seat and wearing a seat belt in the car at all times.


Did you know? mail

You should use a car/booster seat up until you are either more than 135cm tall or 12 years old.

We have been learning the 'Green Cross Code', we played interactive games to help us understand the safest places to cross a road. Then, we had a go at sequencing the pictures of how to safely cross the road. 

In JRSO today, we put on our high-vis vests and hats, and went out the front of the school to talk about 'naughty parkers'. We discussed the unsafe places to park (yellow zig zags, double yellow lines and pavements), and the safer alternatives (train station and welfare car parks).


We were VERY pleased not to see any 'naughty parkers' after school. On Thursday, we will be coming into school extra early to monitor the breakfast club traffic.