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How Does Your Garden Grow? Topic

Year 1 have started their topic 'How Does Your Garden Grow?' They've been looking at the story of Peter Rabbit and have been doing lots of planting in the outdoor area. They've also been learning about the different parts of a flower and labelling them and also been drawing and painting flowers in the creative and painting areas. 


We can't wait to see how our plants and vegetables grow.  

This week Cader Idris have been planting their own seeds as part of outdoor learning enhanced area. We filled our pots with soil, made a little hole to plant our seed and then covered it back over with soil. After we planted the seed we then watered it to keep the soil wet. 


We have been watering our plants regularly and we can't wait to see our plant grow. 

Cader Idris have also been going on nature hunts to find lots of natural objects. We even found a hole in our garden patch and wondered if it could be Peter Rabbit?

Today Cader Idris planted some Fuschia's, Geraniums and Perennial flowers in the flower pots at the front of our school. First we had to weed some old plants out and add some new soil, then planted in our new plants. We watered the soil so the plants could start to grow, and hopefully some rain this week will help us to water them. 

Cader Idris have been busy making scarecrows for our vegetable patch. Some of the materials used were also recyclable. Look at our new friends in the vegetable patch. 

Cader Idris have also been learning the different parts of a flower and naming different types of flowers. We also dissected a flower to look closely at the different parts.