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Art Club for Year 2 has now finished. Places will be offered to Year 1 and names chosen out of a hat.  Art Club takes place on a Wednesday lunchtime, with Mrs Mortimer.



Spring Term

Week 1


Today we began our new Art Club sessions with Year 1. We brainstormed our ideas and made an Action Plan of what we wanted to achieve over this term and what resources we would need.

Very excited to see the outcomes of these fabulous activities!

Week 2


Today we did some colour mixing using our hands; it got very messy! We learnt the words primary and secondary when discussing the colours. We made some interesting tones of secondary colours.

Week 3


This week we made lollipop jigsaws! The children chose 10 sticks and placed them evenly on some masking tape. We talked about their design ideas and what we thought would work best. Some chose to just colour patterns; these ones were difficult to put back together again!



Week 4


Today we have been exploring the wax resistant effect using white wax crayons and oil pastels and coloured ink wash. We realised that using wax crayons rather than oil pastels showed a much better effect. Some lovely pieces of art work!

Week 5


This week have been designing patterns on sponges and using them to print onto paper to make a scene! Some very creative mind we have in art club. We trialled various techniques and discussed what created the best effects.

Week 6


This week we decided to try something new, that wasn't in our original plans! Foam marbling! It was EXTREMELY messy and I do apologise... they will need a bath tonight! :-)

Week 7


Happy St.David's Day!

This week was suitably themed to the day whilst learning to draw. The children decided the level of difficulty that they felt suited their ability. Some of the drawings were fabulous!

Da iawn everyone.

Week 8


This week we looked at pixel art; there was a lot of Minecraft talk! We needed to keep going over the idea that each square had to be coloured in fully using one colour. A great effort all round.

Autumn Term

Week 1


This week we had a brainstorming session and made an action plan of Art and Craft activities that the group would like to explore, for the Autumn Term. Lots of different ideas were discussed and suggestions given. This was followed with a vote for what activities each person would like. We used iPads to help us find out some more about our choices and added what we would need to our plan.



Week 2- Bubble Blowing Paint


In our second session, we decided to start with bubble blowing paint. The children learned how to make the mixture and experimented with how much of each 'ingredient' they would need. Those that used more washing up liquid made impressive bubbles!!



Week 3- Colour Mixing


This week we learned about Primary and Secondary colours; what they were and how we made them. The children had fun mixing and creating new colours using their hands!


Week 4


This week we experimented with ink marbling (making sure we all had aprons on first!) The children worked in pairs and took it in turns; following instructions fantastically. They were AMAZED by their results!

Week 5


This week we decided to explore spray painting. We discussed what we would put in the bottles and how much. Unfortunately the water to paint ratio was slightly off so we had very soggy pictures! We concluded that next time more paint is needed!

Week 6


With Bonfire Night fast approaching, we thought salt glue firework would be a perfect activity to explore and experiment with. To begin, we drew our fireworks in pencil onto black paper, talking about the different shapes they form. Once drawn, we followed the lines with glue and covered with salt. We chose what colours we wanted and filled the straws with ink then dropped it onto the salt glue. It took a bit of practise but we managed it in the end. Super pictures!

Week 7

Today in Art Club we made a lollipop stick jigsaw! We had to carefully align the sticks onto the tape and this proved tricky for all of us initially as the tape was super sticky! We solved the problem in the end by putting a stick in the middle of the tape and holding onto that instead! Pictures were drawn on the sticks and then pulled off the tape to jumble up and put back together- all did this very well!

Week 8


This week the much anticipated 'Pixels' session arrived which caused much excitement! The children enjoyed exploring with squares and straight lines but found it a lot more difficult than expected. I loved how some adapted their work to create a new picture.

Week 9


What an experiment this week was! We decided to make puffy paint without using the microwave (as we thought the teachers may want to use it for their lunch!) Flour, glue and shaving foam were mixed together and paint added to make different colours. The children had a great time exploring and discussing whether they thought it would work or not!

Session 10

The final session for Year 2 today was sponge painting. We used brushes to paint spots and stripe patterns onto the sponges, using different tones of paint. This term's Art Club has been absolutely fantastic and the children have really enjoyed it!

Merry Christmas and a Crafty New Year!