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Meet our Junior Road Safety Officers.

Pledge of Duty

On 27.10.17, we talked about our roles and responsibilities as Junior Road Safety Officers, and signed a pledge of duty to say we agree to our responsibilities.


We all agree that we need to;

  • Set a good example to others by always following the Green Cross Code and be a responsible road user.
  • Encourage others to take responsibility for their own safety when using the roads


October is walk to school month, the JRSOs are busy learning about the importance of walking to keep us healthy and how to stay safe on the roads.


On 4.10.17,  the JRSOs enjoyed learning the 'Green Cross Code' and how to stay safe whilst walking. We used our 'Highway Code' for children, to read about and discuss, the 'Green Cross Code' and how to safely cross the road in many different situations.

This week 11.10.17, we discussed the benefits of walking to school. We enjoyed writing poems about walking to school which we be displaying on our JRSO board in the school hall.
18.10.17 - To continue monitoring 'naughty parkers' around our school, this week we discussed the safe places for parents to park around our school. We began designing information leaflets to send home to parents informing them of where we would like them not to park and the safer alternatives available.

As part of walk to school month the JRSO used tally charts to monitor how many children walked to school in one week. On Monday (23.10.17), the JRSO gave stickers and certificates to the children who walked to school in assembly. If children walked 3 times, they were given a sticker, if they walked 4 times they were given a certificate and if children walked 5 times they were given a certificate and sticker.


We were SO pleased to see so many children walking to school. Da iawn!

Seat Belt Safety

The JRSO carried out a survey at playtime to ask the children if they wear a seatbelt at all times whilst travelling in the car!

The JRSO decided to promote the importance of wearing a seatbelt whilst travelling in a car at all times.

We started by creating posters to display around our school with the message "belt up, be safe".

We sent a colouring competition home to all the children in our school to reinforce the importance of wearing a seatbelt in the car. The children who tried their hardest with the colouring will recieve a seat belt protector to keep children comfortable whilst travelling in the car.

Car Seats and Booster Seats

Susan came in to talk to us about the importance of sitting on either a car seat or booster seat whilst travelling in the car! We learnt that you need to use a car restraint if you are under 135cm tall and under the age of 12.


We talked about how it is important to use car restraints not to allow us to be tall enough to see out of the window, but to keep us safe in the car! Sitting in a car seat if we are under 135cm tall allows the seat belt to be in the correct position. A seat belt should always be around your boney hips and over your boney shoulder.


We measured each other to see if we were under 135cm tall, we were! This means we all need to use a car restraint whilst travelling in the car.

Pride in Your Place Awards


In November, Miss Pegington entered us for a Pride in Your Place Award for 'Sustainable Travel'. We had to send off an application form, detailing what we have been doing in JRSO, inclduing monitoring 'naughty parkers', walk to school month and much more!

We were then invited to the awards ceremony at Blackwood Miners Institue. Mrs Bain, Mrs King, Mrs Powell and Miss Pegington all attending the awards ceremony.

We are very pleased to say that we won a runners up prize for our school!


We have been continuing to monitor the 'naughty parkers' outside our school. We observed a couple of 'naughty parkers' during breakfast club. However, we do feel the number of 'naughty parkers' around our school has decreased. We were extremely pleased to see that after 9:00am, during school drop off, there were no 'naughty parkers'.


As a result, the JRSOs are going to continue to monitor the 'naughty parkers' during breakfast club drop off. We are composing a letter to parents/carers to remind them of the safe places to park around our school.

Cycle Safety came to visit the children in year 2. He checked over our bikes and scooters, to make sure they were safe for the children to ride. These checks included the tyres and brakes. After checked over the children's bikes, he discussed cycle safety with the children before creating obstacles on the playground for them to cycle and scoot around.

Walk to School Week


Walk to school week is Monday 21st May - Friday 25th May 2018. We have been participating in walk to school week in school. All the classes have been recording how many children walk to school each week, at the end of week the JRSO will be analysing the data and awarding certificates and stickers to the children in assembly.


The whole school also received an assembly on walk to school week. Discussing the benefits of walking to school for both our health and the environment.

This week in JRSO (23.05.17), the children designed their own road safety super heroes! Their characters had special powers which help to keep us all safe when using the road.