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Meet our JRSO

Pledge of Duty

We talked about our roles and responsibilities as Junior Road Safety Officers, and signed a pledge of duty to say we agree to our responsibilities.


We all agree that we need to;

  • Set a good example to others by always following the Green Cross Code and be a responsible road user.
  • Encourage others to take responsibility for their own safety when using the roads.


Seat Belt Survey

Our duty as JRSO, is to ensure the children in our school are safe whilst travelling in the car. We decided to carry out a seat belt survey at lunch time to see how many children wear a seat belt in the car.

Car Colour Survey


We really enjoyed completing a colour survey of the cars driving up and down Mill Street, to see which colour is the most popular. From our findings, Black was the most popular colour.

Green Cross Code


We have been playing lots of interactive games to teach us how to be safe on the roads. Our favourite game was voting whether the pictures and statements were true or false.

WOW Badge Competition

This week the JRSO started to look through all the badge designs. Thank you to all the children for their lovely designs, there are so many to choose from! We will be choosing the designs we are going to make into badges next week.

Walking Bus - WOW


Here at Ty Isaf Infants we run our Walking Bus every Tuesday morning. We really enjoyed our first walking bus this week! Thank you to everyone who joined us.


Here is a photo of all our 'passengers' this week, we hope to see you all, and hopefully some more passengers again next week! smiley

'Naughty' Parkers


The JRSO have been outside the school, checking for 'naughty' parkers! Thank you so much for coming into school so early.

Cycling Safety


The JRSO have been out into the playground at lunch time to find out how many children stay safe whilst riding their bikes. They wanted to know how many children wear a helmet.